Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council

Local planning applications

The parish council (PC) is not a planning authority and therefore does not make final decisions on planning applications. However, Rother District Council, as the local Planning Authority, notifies the PC of all planning applications relating to our parish and invites our comments. RDC welcomes and respects the local perspective of the PC and our comments are taken into account. However, this does not always mean there will be agreement and conflicting views between the PC and a Planning Officer may result in an application being 'called in' to be decided by the Rother District Council Planning Committee (instead of the Planning Officer).


The PC is also able to comment on any application made within the district.


You can use any, all or none of the search options below when searching for planning applications of interest (back to 2003).

Detailed information on each application can be accessed (using its unique reference number) on Rother District Council's website (on applications since 2015 the reference number is a direct link).