Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council

Village Steward

The suggestion of having a part-time Village Steward was put to residents in a parish-wide questionnaire in September 2015. 76% of respondents were in favour, and Peter Pattenden was appointed in April 2017. He came to us with an ideal background working for ESCC Highways.


Peter has been contracted to work roughly one-and-a-half days a week (this varies with seasonal requirements of course) keeping our public areas well-maintained. He routinely strims, weeds, litter-picks and cuts back vegetation in our streets and open spaces. Our bus shelters and road signs are finally being kept clean. As and when required Peter also makes repairs (for example to fences, gates, noticeboards, benches and the pavilion) and re-paints things like bollards, bins and railings. Perhaps less noticeably, he also adds ground surfacing materials to improve many a muddy area, and eliminates mole hills! Tasks completed by Peter are included in the papers for Full Council Meetings.


Unfortunately there are some jobs (for example pot-holes, storm-drain and pavement repairs) that only ESCC Highways can carry out, but Peter's eagle eye helps us to get these issues reported promptly.


Do contact the if you have any good suggestions for tasks for Peter...